Governor Sarah Palin, Cowardice Deserter or Courageous Patriot?

Before you decide if Sarah Palin is a quitter, consider the following. From the time Governor Sarah Palin was announced as the Vice Presidential Candidate, on the republican ticket with John McCain, she has weathered countless assaults from liberal democrats, pundits in the media, and even a good number of republicans.

The insidious onslaught reaches beyond the Governor, who is seemingly unshakable, and instead resorts to attacking her family. Governor Palin’s family has warded off attack after vile attack. Attacks targeted at her children, who are innocent, uninvolved, and, by all rights, should be regarded as politically inconsequential and off limits.

The contempt for Governor Palin is mind-boggling. She is intelligent, confident, articulate, and attractive. In general, most people are not only attracted to these traits, but actually aspire to them. So, why is she so despised?

Identifying the reasons Liberals revile Governor Palin is easy. Liberals detest anybody who has an ideology, or even an opinion, that differs from what they espouse at a given moment. If someone disagrees about the current direction of the political winds, a liberal is ready to attempt to discredit their detractors, by any available means, and at almost any cost.

I believe the reason for the opposition’s contempt, in a word, is fear. The character assassins fear Governor Palin because, try as they may, they cannot understand her popularity. Governor Palin’s ability to rouse a crowd into a supportive frenzy is incomprehensible to them, thus she petrifies the self-appointed elitists who display public abhorrence toward her. Therefore, the only answer, in their feeble minds, is to attack.

Amazingly, the simple truth about Governor Palin’s popularity has little to do with her aforementioned traits. Rather, it is her plainness. She is remarkably ordinary. She is an average American with many of the same issues and stresses in life as the rest of us. Therefore, she relates to a large portion of the “average” population, who seem to have an ability to relate to her.

That is the danger. The perpetual threat, to the “Beltway Elites”, is her ability to relate to, or connect with plain, ordinary, average Americans. To make matters worse, she practices what she preaches. The Governor actually lives the conservative values that she espouses, and that is unacceptable. Because that is not the way things are done by American Politicians.

As of late, Governor Palin has announced her early resignation explaining that she is spending more time defending against frivolous ethics charges than governing. She considers the time, energy, resources, and money spent in her defense, unproductive for her State, and feels they are all better spent elsewhere. In effect, she has determined that her desire to maintain the title of Governor is not in the best interest of the State of Alaska, and therefore is stepping aside to allow the very capable Lt. Governor Parnell to take over.

Instead of those who wanted Governor Palin to step down previously, simply allowing her a quiet resignation of her office, the character assassination took on a whole new vigor. Now Governor Palin is being publicly denounced, and being accused of being a “cowardice deserter”.

Following this line of reasoning, I suppose these accusers also consider John Dickinson a “cowardice deserter”. Who is John Dickinson, you ask?

Mr. Dickinson was a delegate from Pennsylvania in the Second Continental Congress; considered the most important Moderate in the Congress at the time, he led the opposition to the Lee Resolution. Mr. Dickinson believed in reconciliation, and knew that passing the Lee Resolution would bring conflict, which went against his devotion as a Quaker.

When Congress resolved to vote on the Lee Resolution, Mr. Dickinson refused to abandon his devotions as a Quaker. More importantly, he was unwilling to allow his personal convictions to hinder what was right for the Country and removed himself from the floor insuring his vote would not be counted, and the Lee Resolution passed unanimously.

Mr. Dickinson’s act of removing himself was one of the most patriotic actions of the day, as the Lee Resolution, passed on July 2, 1776, was the legislation by which Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.

No. Mr. Dickinson was not a “cowardice deserter”, and neither is Governor Sarah Palin. On both accounts, it took great courage to do, what they believed to be, the right thing for their State. Therefore, in all reality, they both share a commonality in the role of being Patriots.


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