You’re Only Saying That Because I’m Black

So, there we have it.  Those on the left, have clearly endeavored to completely vilify and criminalize conservatives.

Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano accuses conservatives of being “Right-Wing Terrorists”.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi accuses “disruptors”, of whom she was a fan just a couple short years ago, as being “un-American, calling them NAZI’s”.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid agrees that conservatives are “un-American”, and insulted dissenters, regardless of whether they are his constituents, by referring to them as “astro-turf”.

Now, thanks to former President, Jimmy Carter, those who oppose President Obama are not only “disruptive, un-American, swastika bearing, right-wing terrorists”, but adds “racists” to the list of characteristics.

In a recent interview, Mr. Carter, in an apparent attempt to create social polarization, espoused the belief that the only reason people are speaking out against President Obama’s ideology, is that the President is black.  Mr. Carter proclaims to know this because he lives in the south, and understands racism.

I guess it is reasonable to assume that Mr. Carter has determined that people living in the north, or out west, have no clue what racism is.  No, Mr. Carter thinks the rest of the nation is ignorant of one of the most defile practices of inhumanity.  Only a Georgia-born Peanut Farmer can truly appreciate the subtle nuances of social racial discrepancies.

Apparently, Mr. Carter believes that a white person’s difference of opinion, with that of a black person, equates to nothing more than the pure ignorance of racism; we cannot actually have a different viewpoint for any valid reason, only superficial hatred.

Does this mean that white people may not participate in debates with black people because the difference of pigmentation inhibits their ability to logically articulate their opinions?

Why is it, Liberals point out the color of someone’s skin, as a reason for a social point of view, then accuse conservatives of being racists because their opinions differ?

Personally, I think the “race-card” has become too easy to deal, when an “old, white man” can publicly declare a societal group racists, simply due to their difference of opinion.  Do not misunderstand my comment; I understand that racism still exists.  However, unlike Mr. Carter, I also comprehend that “white” people are not the only ones capable of the practice.

True American’s, of any color, understand that the first amendment ensures us the right to free speech, even if that means expressing an ideology contrary to that of the President, no matter what color the President may be.  The first amendment also includes the rights to peaceably assemble and petition the Government to redress grievances.

It seems to me, conservatives are simply exercising their first amendment rights, yet Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, Harry Reid, and others act as though they have reason for conviction.  Their actions remind me of a cheating husband, accusing his wife of infidelity, in an effort to defer attention from his own shortcomings; it is easily seen through.

In regards to all of the above mentioned, I only have two things to say, in response to the irresponsible diatribe typically spewed to the nation, in their attempts to gain some form of public notoriety.

America is not buying the verbal defecation you are discharging from between your lips!

So, grow up!  Or, get out!


8 Responses to You’re Only Saying That Because I’m Black

  1. M Smith says:

    Just a thought right now: So if Big Barry was white we would be all in favour of his re-engineering the American socio-economic landscape from one of a capitalistic, free enterprise nature to that of a Marxist “the government owns everything and tells us how to live” culture?
    Ye-ah… ri-ight…
    Well, this is one of those times where i consider that Jimma Cawter (Georgia pronunciation)is the one babbling like the bum on the street corner. When i hear that he has said something again, i want to make sure my doors are locked and the windows are rolled up.
    It truly does amaze me that the left is so enamoured by men and women like him. They might have had a grasp on lucidity at one time, but now… it has passed into a fleeting memory for them.
    To say that we are not question Big Barry’s motives, outcomes, acquaintances, or… well anything, because to do so shows our racial bigotries and continued drive to hold the black man down… PUH…LEEZE.
    Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell, J C Wyatt… the list goes on of black men who on a daily basis prove their intellect, but does the left accept what they say based on their being black? Not only no, but HELL NO! These are men who can prove anything they say. What they say and write does not have a shelf-life of… ’till something else comes along’.
    Personally, i do not care if a the skin a man is wrapped in is mocha, chocolate, or a dark black: if he has something intelligent to say, i will listen.
    Big Barry… naw… and it’s not because he’s black (are we even supposed to say that anymore), it’s because he is taking this country down a road of ruin.

  2. despicable says:

    I am all for responsible reporting on the public airwaves! Those that use the airwaves to deliberately and repeatedly use fabrications that are not true, are dangerous to the public safety and to the constitution that is supposed to guarantee our rights of free speech. Americans have free speech rights, … but not the freedom to shout “FIRE!” when their is no fire, inside a crowded theatre!
    The irresponsable reporting by the likes of “Glenn Beck” creates a “mob” mentality! A mob mentality that can and will (according to history) incite to violence, those that are portrayed as different from that of the mob!
    Let’s face it! There are those in america that are looking forward to inciting a “RACE WAR,” and are using the public air waves and the fact of a black president to incite mobs to act violently against the government of the USA!
    You have to be blind to not recognize the conservative movement direction toward insurection of a pluralistic and multi-cultural america and instituting in it’s place what existed in our racist fundamentalist bigoted past!
    All of this backward movement toward our unenlightened past is being done in the name of fighting “COMMUNISM!

    • After careful consideration, I determined the best thing I could do with your comment Despicable, was to post it and allow you the opportunity to declare to all who read it the level of ignorance you have worked so diligently to obtain. It is the twisted thought process, of which your comment readily displays, that speaks best to the reasons people should unwaveringly reject liberalism and all it stands for.

      The fact that you, and those of whom you share an opinion, believe conservatives are inciting “RACE WARS” is ludicrous. As I pointed out in my article, it is the liberals who use “RACE” as an issue, only that they assign thier ignorance to the convoluted interpretations of statements made by another.

      To set the record straight, conservatism crosses any, and all racial barriers; the proof being, if you pen the opinions of three different conservatives, all of different ethnicity, upon comparison you find dramatic similarities in their individual thoughts, none of which typically involve “race”. Where you do find differences of opinions, you also find respect. Furthermore, you always find that conservatives understand that the “Founders” gave us something more powerful than insurrection and violence, they gave us the Constitution.

      The Constitution gives each person, regardless of skin pigmentation, the power and authority to live our lives, free and unencumbered by an overburdensome Government, or the socialist desires represented and sought after by the left, and that thought scares liberals into a frenzy of lunacy, for they cannot grasp the concept of true individual liberty and freedom, and the inherent responsibilities therein.

  3. despicable says:

    The insurrectionists in Texas and in the southern states of America are looking backward toward a freedom from our federal democratic government, and backward toward a liberated segregated provincial way of life that is bigoted and white supremacist and free from the ideas of the “Enlightenment.”
    States Rights and republican conservatism and mercantile capitalism is the unrealistic thinking and goals of the most backward elements in the USA.
    Wake up! The Twenty-First Century Capitalism is “Global” and all powerful! It is impossible to resurrect the past! The world of nationalism is being negated out of existence by the global economy. Capitalism and big business is all powerful and all global! For now it rules with an iron hand!
    You backward Libertarian conservatives should wake up to today’s reality!

    • Despicable, again my best argument against your comment is to post it and allow you to display your own unpatriotic lunacy in publicly espousing your admiration of Marxist Socialism or worse. Typical of a Liberal, you have obviously lost your ability to remain focused on the content of my original posting, which proclaims that conservatives do not set political policy based on ethnicity or race, and finds the accusations of racism by Mr. Carter, and the like, appalling and detestably false.

      It is quite apparent to me that you maintain a hatred of America, and all it stands for.

      To respond briefly to your Global Capitalism theory, one of your apparent heroes, George Soros, is quoted as declaring, “The global capitalist system… is coming apart at the seams”.

      By this, Mr. Soros refers to Global Capitalism as the free movement of Capital, or financial arrangements, around the world. However, the Global economy is based on production for profit. Production for profit is a process that allows global competition for individual countries in the realm of free trade.

      Mr. Soros is, as apparently so are you, convinced that a need for Global Socialism exists, whereby a regulatory process would be implemented to control Global Capital, and thereby control the world. This belief deters, and evens calls for the discontinuation of individual countries determining the valuation of their own currency, and thereby would promote the enactment of a One World Socialist Government.

      In his book, Mr. Soros challenges, “To put it bluntly, the choice confronting us is whether we will regulate global financial markets internationally or leave it to each individual state to protect its own interests as best it can.”

      As a conservative, I believe in the sovereignty of our nation, and that we should respect the sovereignty of other nations, while at the same time, maintain the ability to protect our own interests at home and abroad. The conservative ideology promotes Production for Profit, and international trade, thereby developing a limited interconnectedness of countries.

      However, the ideology you so disjointedly attempt to espouse endorses the deterioration of individual nations, and promotes dominance of a One World Socialist Government. America has sacrifices greatly, paying for our independence with the blood of our patriots to maintain our liberty as a sovereign nation.

      You Sir, are the one in need of a wake-up call!

      Instead of promoting the failed ideology of Marxist Socialism, or blatant Communism, wake up to an understanding of what America is founded on. You should expend some energy toward comprehending the “Enlightenment” of which you speak, and identify that individual freedom and liberty, of which America was founded, is the only possible way to achieve it.

  4. M Smith says:

    despicable, i find it hard to believe that you are let out unattended!

    You bring your bigoted, hate-filled diatribe to this site and do nothing but show the world what an ignorant, uneducated (yeah, it’s redundant) fool your are. Yes, this is a personal attack against you. Start crying now.

    First, in NEITHER of your comments do you address the actual content of the posting. WASSUP with THAT? Do you not have a response or defense of the idiot peanut-picker from Georgia?

    No, you do not! Instead, you display to the world your 1880’s bigotries: This is the 21st CENTURY dude.

    “Insurrectionists in Texas and the southern states…”?

    C’mon, you have GOT to be effing kidding me!!!
    You DEFINITELY NEED to get past your bigotry toward anyone other than your own ilk (in whatever little enclave of Communism you think you belong to) and come out into the real world.

    Have you ever heard of Cynthia McKinney (former US-HOR from Georiga – oh, that’s House of Representatives), Max Cleland US Senator, Georgia)… i could go on and on of the far left freak-show lib-tards from the south.

    You know despicable, you sound IDENTICAL to those whackjob “flaggers” and “Lee might have surrendered but I didn’t” nutcases that inhabit the backwoods of the South. Always running around complaining about “Yankees” and they are not talking about the New Yawk Yankees.

    You sound jealous that the industrial base of this country has moved to the South and left you in irrelevancy with no one to talk to but a few of your despicable friends in the north. OH! That reminds me: sho’ nuff’ does luk like a’plenty o them “insurrectionists” up the North, out West (where i call home and look at you Easterners with a… well, nevermind my prejudice -we’re talking about your blatant bigotry aren’t we…), did i mention that even in the Leftist state of Oregon they have had “insurrectionists” saying NO to your inexperienced, Marxist, community agitator who we are not to question because… “Well, he’s BLACK! and to question him shows what racists we are.”

    No, despicable, understand this and UNDERSTAND IT WELL!

    We are NOT racists just because we are calling this man and his idiotic ideas out! Would you have given the “Bushies” the same pass you are giving Obummer boi?

    We are AMERICAN PATRIOTS! Unwilling to quietly allow this country to be turned into a collectivist state!

    Yes, this is a global economy and the MAJOR reason for that is that this country (the country you SO dearly hate) was the engine that propelled the rest of the world to become one. It sure wasn’t the former USSR, China, or Cuber!

    You know something despicable… i have wasted enough of my time in this missive to you, you were not worth it, this conversation is over!

  5. Marcie S. says:

    What is the matter Mr. Richard Walters (despicable)? Can you not write an original thought to this posting? Yes, Mr. Richard Walters, I took a chance and decided to see if you had a blog out there anywhere, and I found the rantings you pass off as thought incoherent and lacking any real basis, just as what you copied and pasted here.

    Oh well… at least now, everyone will know that Richard Walters is “despicable”.

  6. Al E. Khine says:

    One of the basic concepts of our society; one of the foundational considerations of the Founders of our society is the free exchange of ideas. Sadly, the liberals who are now the purported leaders of our country, who claim to champion the cause of the “oppressed”, wholeheartedly embrace the tools of oppression. These tools are commonly found in most societies where government cannot endure scrutiny, where honesty is derided instead of admired, where those in power will not tolerate anyone questioning their actions and plans.

    I am from California, a place where our government has already sold itself to the highest bidder, where politicans pander to those who can enhance their personal wealth, where the attitude is: Voters be damned! What’s in it for me!? I’ve seen the path that the country is on utilized to destroy the economy in California.

    I warn each of you who recognize the failings of California on one hand, that by supporting the President’s plans you virtually guarantee the United States of a walk down that same path. The Government is a reflection of society, and our elected liberals; our (ahem) leaders demonstrate the liberal credo very well. Its not my fault, I didn’t do it, and if you acuse me of it, if you disagree with me, you are a racist! (This being the liberal version of “Satan in the flesh”).

    It is our responsibility to stop electing people because they promise everything to everyone. Its time to stop electing people who claim to be for the people, when in reality, they are only for the people who either vote for them, or line their pockets. Their justification: All others must be racists because to be against the current liberals is to be against equality. Nevermind that they, in their proposed legislation seek to treat people unequally. That is not racism because the liberals only hate those that don’t agree with them regardless of skin color.

    Words change over time, and we must adopt their new meanings. Racism apparently no longer means prejudice based upon genetic pigmentation and now means disagreeing with the liberals. If that is so, then it is a designation I will wear with pride!

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