President Obama’s Biggest Failure and Success

Approximately one year ago, Rush Limbaugh countered Barack Obama’s continuing mantra of “Hope and Change” with a Hope of his own, that President Obama’s Socialistic agenda fails.

Although Mr. Limbaugh articulated his message clearly, the “left” could not break the habit of misconstruing his words, and soon there was an all out media blitz.  With the simplest of ease, any grade-schooler could have put together a seemingly endless montage of media ‘talking-heads’ stating; “Rush Limbaugh says he hopes the President fails.”  Very few in the media defended Mr. Limbaugh’s statement.

Even the First Lady, Michelle Obama, jumped on the ‘Rush-bashing’ bandwagon, obviously suffering from willful ignorance, when she aped the media in wrongfully citing Rush’s statement, and then claimed; “If the President fails, then America fails.”  Then asked, “Is that what you want for this country?”

President Obama has complained, on numerous occasions, about “inheriting” a financial meltdown.  However, not once has President Obama admitted that, as a member of the Senate, he helped create the very meltdown he fully credits to the former President.  According to the rants of President Obama, and members of his administration, President Bush was an absolute failure.

Watch it!  Mr. President, you are on the verge of contradicting your wife.  Mrs. Obama informed us that, beyond a doubt, if the President fails, so too, does the country.  Should America assume that you, Mr. President, or your wife, believes that our proud nation is a failure?

Oh, that’s right.  President Obama already explained that we were in a tailspin, spiraling out of control, when he took the helm.  But for his brave and determined actions, America was destined for absolute ruin.

So, what bold, great actions can we attribute to President Obama that has turned our nation from the path of destruction to a soaring success?  Let’s examine what the President has accomplished in his first year in the Oval Office.

We have watched the President travel all over the world, and listened to him badmouth America at almost every stop.

We have listened to President Obama’s adolescent like claims, that former President G.W. Bush is single-handedly to blame for all of the problems our nation faces today.

We have watched him gratefully accept gifts that denounce America, while he tries to earn ‘Brownie Points’ from our communist foes.

We have experienced national embarrassment when he bowed to foreign leaders, not once, but on at least two separate occasions.

Although partially successful, by inflicting damage and creating an atmosphere of control in some financial institutions, President Obama failed in his attempt at a hostile Government takeover of Wall Street.  After the Presidents support of the “Financial Bailout”, with a ‘sky is falling’ mentality, the President, who claimed he did not want to run the banks, turned around, and in his next breath appointed new bank executives, began dictating salaries, and refused banks that offered to pay back the money, borrowed by the Government to initially “lend” to the banks.  Even now, many banks are trying desperately to rid themselves of government intervention.

The President has succeeded however, in partnering with the Labor Unions, most significantly in the act of taking control of a large portion of the American auto industry, namely General Motors and Chrysler.  His latest commitment to this partnership is in naming Union Boss, Andrew Stern to his newly formed Debt Commission.

Then there is the failed ‘Stimulus Bill’.  The President was sure that the stimulus bill had to be passed immediately.  Without a stimulus, America was going to fail.  Unemployment was going to rise to over ten percent, we needed to supply more money into the public because the financial institutions were on the verge of ‘post-bailout bankruptcy’, threatening devastation to the taxpayers.  Businesses were shutting down, bailed out banks were not lending money, the housing industry was sinking like a lead balloon, people were losing their homes, livelihoods, and the promise of a future.

President Obama and the Congressional Democrats forced their will on America, and passed their $1 trillion ‘Stimulus Bill’.  After unaccountably spending some 20% of the money, nothing has changed except the size of our nation’s unsecured debt.

Reported unemployment still jumped to over ten percent, financial institutions continue to fail, people continue to lose their homes and livelihoods as companies close their doors at a rapid pace, and our financial future looks very bleak.  As to overwhelming expenses to the taxpayers, we do not even know how much it will cost for what the Government has spent until now, let alone where they have spent it.  So much for the promise of transparency and accountability.

Ironically, when it comes to spending America’s money on socialistic government programs, such as bailouts, stimulus, and efforts to socialize healthcare, President Obama is fearlessly bold and willingly decisive.  He rushes headlong into promoting the most socialistic of programs with an urgency only matched by con artists, or Circus Callers yelling, “Hurry!  Hurry!”

However, in matters affecting our national security, and supporting the troops, deployed at his command, the President’s resolve wavers.  Instead of remaining brave and determined, as is his Constitutional responsibility, he demonstrates a lack of intestinal fortitude, taking months to make a decision such as that regarding the deployment of reinforcements in Afghanistan.

The President consistently proves to be unwilling to commit to actions against our nations invaders and enemies, yet has boldly circumvented the Constitution.  Instead of nominating people to necessary offices, and allowing the Senate to fulfill their Constitutional duty of providing “Advice and Consent” through the confirmation process, the President, in performing his few successes, unflinchingly named Czars.

So, the President has, in his first year in the Oval Office, taken control of a large portion of one of the last remnants of American industrialization in the auto industry, and partnered heavily with the unions.  He has attempted to takeover the financial industry, committed to unprecedented spending, committing our future generations to an unsustainable burden of debt, and continues his attempts to take control of our healthcare industry, or financially speaking, up to 15% of our nation’s economy. No communist mentality here.  But, I digress.

All of this said, President Obama’s biggest failure is that he has no comprehension of what America is, or what makes the People of our nation great. 

President Obama fails miserably in understanding that America is envied and loved, the world over, for her iconic representation of Liberty, individual Freedom, and the promotion of Independence. 

The President fails to understand that our common conviction to these core values is what makes America great; that individuals believe so strongly, they are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect these values, not just for our own Freedom, but for that of our families, friends, and neighbors; and yes, for our country.

The President fails to understand that Freedom allows for different political ideologies, but that these core components of our belief may not be jeopardized, for they are the foundation of our country, and every American.

Amazingly, the President’s biggest success is derived from his biggest failure.  President Obama, with a little assistance from his leftist base, has roused the “Sleeping Dragon”, galvanizing America into action.  The President, along with the Congressional Democrats, have given voice to the “Silent Majority”, causing conservatives to rally around our liberty and freedom; and we are fighting mad.

American’s are standing up, united in telling the Government,

Stop!  We are fed up with politics as usual!  American Government is out of control and we are not taking it anymore!  We will not stand by and idly watch incompetent politicians destroy our nation, or our children’s future.

Government has overstepped it’s permissions and authority and we the People are demanding it’s members to cease and desist all such activities.  If Government refuses to listen, we the People will exercise our Constitutional Authority and take back control of our nation!

2 Responses to President Obama’s Biggest Failure and Success

  1. M Smith says:

    With a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14 and an overall disapproval rating of 53%, is it any wonder that candidates who espouse Conservatism are sweeping the elections?
    This is just one of the coattails this man has: Toxicity!
    I remember people openly blaming the Clintons for the Republican takeover of Congress in ’94… there was talk of how the Clintons were the ruination of the Democrat party.
    They were PIKERS compared this man and the damage he has done to the Democrat Party.
    The problem is: He has not been alone. This is a party peopled by the far left without ANY room for any voices except those who would make this into a Socialist nation.
    We could go through a long list of people who have either seen the Democrat Party move away from them or who have been ostracized and literally thrown out because it has been taken over by the radical extreme left.
    Puh-Losie, Reed, Sebilius, and all the others have been there all along. They have just been biding their time to come forth and show their true colours.
    They act as though the last election was not just the American people voting them in, but rather a mandate to ‘remake the fabric of American society’. The Constitution be damned! Who really knows what’s in it anyway? Who cares?
    And now… they are willing, no, make that fully engaged in the destruction of the Democrat Party in order to revamp America and turn it into a Socialist society.
    They know full and well that they will be disgraced in the endeavor, but they are willing to throw themselves on their swords for the furtherance of the Socialist agenda.
    It’s always been acknowledged that converts make the most zealous followers, but the most dangerous of believers are those who would sacrifice themselves for their faith… we see this everyday around the world as people commit suicide in the name of their god.
    Instead of sacrificing themselves for religious principles; these people are doing it in the name of destroying the very country that made it possible for them to stand up and speak in the first place.

    • Mr. Smith, your perception of Washington politicians having an attitude of “Constitution be damned!” is sadly accurate.

      Sadest of all however, is that most people have little idea of the contents of the Constitution, or the meaning of those contents; and the very people elected to protect and defend the Constitution are the boldest in perverting, abusing, and violating it, not to mention misconstruing the contents in an attempt to interpret the Constitution to say and mean what they want it to.

      I would agree with Judge Napalitano who said, “Our government has twisted 180 degrees from the intent of the Founders, and that none of the Founders would recognize our current government, or the policies and procedures our government has adopted.”

      Those who share the aspirations of remaking the fabric of American society into a socialist society have been lurking in the shadows of Progressivism for decades, knowing they had to move incrementally toward their goal, as Americans would never knowingly accept socialism. So instead, they have purposefully, step at a time, moved their agenda forward under the guise of progressive liberalism, civil rights, and percieved equality.

      As I concluded though, Americans see what is happening. President Obama sprung the trap too soon. Now Americans are fighting mad and uniting in an effort to take back our country and reaffirm our independence and liberty.

      Let the zealots commit their political suicide, in attempts to bolster their dictitorial leader. Take comfort in the idea that although the road may not be easily travelled, we can always undo that which is done, and reallign our nation on the correct path.

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