You’re Only Saying That Because I’m Black

September 17, 2009

So, there we have it.  Those on the left, have clearly endeavored to completely vilify and criminalize conservatives.

Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano accuses conservatives of being “Right-Wing Terrorists”.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi accuses “disruptors”, of whom she was a fan just a couple short years ago, as being “un-American, calling them NAZI’s”.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid agrees that conservatives are “un-American”, and insulted dissenters, regardless of whether they are his constituents, by referring to them as “astro-turf”.

Now, thanks to former President, Jimmy Carter, those who oppose President Obama are not only “disruptive, un-American, swastika bearing, right-wing terrorists”, but adds “racists” to the list of characteristics.

In a recent interview, Mr. Carter, in an apparent attempt to create social polarization, espoused the belief that the only reason people are speaking out against President Obama’s ideology, is that the President is black.  Mr. Carter proclaims to know this because he lives in the south, and understands racism.

I guess it is reasonable to assume that Mr. Carter has determined that people living in the north, or out west, have no clue what racism is.  No, Mr. Carter thinks the rest of the nation is ignorant of one of the most defile practices of inhumanity.  Only a Georgia-born Peanut Farmer can truly appreciate the subtle nuances of social racial discrepancies.

Apparently, Mr. Carter believes that a white person’s difference of opinion, with that of a black person, equates to nothing more than the pure ignorance of racism; we cannot actually have a different viewpoint for any valid reason, only superficial hatred.

Does this mean that white people may not participate in debates with black people because the difference of pigmentation inhibits their ability to logically articulate their opinions?

Why is it, Liberals point out the color of someone’s skin, as a reason for a social point of view, then accuse conservatives of being racists because their opinions differ?

Personally, I think the “race-card” has become too easy to deal, when an “old, white man” can publicly declare a societal group racists, simply due to their difference of opinion.  Do not misunderstand my comment; I understand that racism still exists.  However, unlike Mr. Carter, I also comprehend that “white” people are not the only ones capable of the practice.

True American’s, of any color, understand that the first amendment ensures us the right to free speech, even if that means expressing an ideology contrary to that of the President, no matter what color the President may be.  The first amendment also includes the rights to peaceably assemble and petition the Government to redress grievances.

It seems to me, conservatives are simply exercising their first amendment rights, yet Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, Harry Reid, and others act as though they have reason for conviction.  Their actions remind me of a cheating husband, accusing his wife of infidelity, in an effort to defer attention from his own shortcomings; it is easily seen through.

In regards to all of the above mentioned, I only have two things to say, in response to the irresponsible diatribe typically spewed to the nation, in their attempts to gain some form of public notoriety.

America is not buying the verbal defecation you are discharging from between your lips!

So, grow up!  Or, get out!