Health Care Reform Act of 2010; Dead On Arrival

David A. Black, Sr.

Leading the way to truly reforming Congress, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts elected Republican Senatorial Candidate, Scott Brown to fill a Senate Seat held by a member of the Kennedy Family for 50 plus years.  I guess Massachusetts agreed with Mr. Browns assessment that he was not running for “Kennedy’s Seat”, but rather the “People’s Seat”.

As a matter of fact, Senator Brown beat the ‘media, odds-on favorite’, Democratic Candidate, Martha Coakley by a decisive 5% margin, giving a climactic ending to a race featuring an incalculable long-shot.  This, even after President Obama came to town, stumping for Coakley and ‘dissing’ Brown because he drives an old pick-up truck.  Sure makes you wonder who is out of touch with the People.

The election of a Conservative Republican, in a State largely held by Democrats, has significant meaning.  For instance, we can draw from the election result is that Massachusetts gave the nation Hope for real Change in American Politics.

It is really too bad that Representative Barney Frank, of Massachusetts, does not understand the message the voters of his State sent to Congress.  Rep. Frank thinks the necessary Change is to require 67 votes to block a filibuster, instead of 60.  He did not have a problem with the standard 60 votes while he and his fellow Democratic Congressmen were forcing their Government take-over of the American Health Care System down our collective throats.  I wonder if he has been reading the writing on the wall?

No, the real message is that the People are fed up, and want an end to “politics as usual”.  Most of the Massachusetts voters backed Candidate Obama because he promised to do just that.  Instead, the nation has watched President Obama, and his Democratic Majority, use strong-arm tactics in politically hijacking America.

Now the People are doing what comes natural to American Patriots, they are retaliating.  Like Flight 93, like Richard Reeds’ attempt at a ‘shoe bomb’, or the recent attempt to bomb the flight into Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas, hijack a plane, win or lose, Americans will fight back; hijack our government, the reaction of the American People is the same.  It really does not matter what State we live in, Americans are not good at being willing victims.

Another distinct reality of Sen. Brown being elected is that the Health Care Reform Act, as envisioned by President Obama and constructed by his Democrat henchmen, is ‘Dead On Arrival’.  The loudest, most significant campaign promise made by Candidate Brown was that as Senator, he would be the forty-first vote to stop Health Care Reform and the Cap and Trade bill.

Prominent Democrats are already trying to establish new positions on these two bills.  After a year of the Democrats claiming they have a mandate from the People and constantly reminding us who won the election, now they are attempting a last stitch effort to save their latest socialistic take-over bid of the American economy.  That is, the Health Care System was soon to be added into the pot where the financial, auto, and housing industries are stewing.

If Mr. Brown holds true to his word, the fact that he has become the most recent addition to the United States Senate is good for America.  I only wish we could apply such impact to the man elected into the Oval Office.  Instead, the contrary is true, President Obama has proven to be only a detriment.

In fact, President Obama still doesn’t get it!  In his response to Sen. Brown’s election, he wore a look of disgusted concern indicating that Democrats must be more focused on the voter concerns.  Of course, I guess the idea of Obama attempting to distance himself from the debacle at center stage and throw his fellow Democrats under the bus, comes as no big surprise.

America, as in the Revolution, with the Tea Party, Massachusetts has taken the lead in returning our nations sovereignty.


Unlike President Obama, who dragged his feet in reinforcing our military in Afghanistan, we can all stand firm in November and reinforce the message delivered by our brethren in Massachusetts.  Together, we can fight back and stop the current hijacking of America.

Just to clarify, I am not backing Republicans entirely.  Rather, I am supportive of the referendum set forth by the voters in Massachusetts by endorsing Conservatism.

In closing, I will borrow a famous quote from Neil Armstrong; the traditionally Democratic State of Massachusetts, electing Republican Scott Brown to the United States Senate, is one small step for Republicans, one giant leap for Conservatism.

10 Responses to Health Care Reform Act of 2010; Dead On Arrival

  1. M Smith says:

    You hit this on the head: House Speaker Pah-loosie came out with the news that she does not have the votes to pass the healthcare bill that the Senate send over.

    In fact, she is doing her usual whiny little girl routine and nearly stamping her feet as she said in an interview: “We have to get a bill passed.”

    No they don’t!

    There is NO reason why they should pass this or any other healthcare debacle.

    I take that back: what they SHOULD do is allow interstate transportabilty of personal healthcare insurance policies and work on… dare i say it… TORT REFORM!

    Never happen though, the trial lawyers have these people by the short curlies and will NEVER allow that.

    Oh well, we can enjoy this little victory.

  2. hungover says:

    Good points!

  3. Roger Callen says:

    Well, we have placed a lot of hope in Scott Brown. All eyes will be upon him for some time…A lot hangs on him. He, right now, is an extremely important member of our congress. Or will be, rather, when he gets sworn in.

  4. On the whole, I’m not very keen on politics on the whole – however, now and again all of us have to pause for thought. There are several very good issues raised here, and I’m considering the point – thanks.

  5. Nelson Penasa says:

    Hiya, nice day.. Your article is very inspiring. I never considered that it was feasible to do something like that until after I looked over your content. You undoubtedly gave an excellent insight on how this kind of whole system works. Ill always visit for more advice. Keep writing!

  6. In Marxist theory, it is the intermediary state between Capitalism and Communism. I have alot of kinfolk in Europe living under Socialist regimes now and some of whom were under Communism previously. I work for a European company and work with individuals daily who have survived under said organizations for their whole lives. I know darn well what it is, and I have no desire to live under that form of government. I would rather battle you in the streets then to exist as they do.

  7. Wade Hillsman says:

    What a great read. Thanks.

  8. facebook poker hacks says:

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  9. Why have the Congress and the White House Not Repealed the Health Insurance Companies Monopoly Act of 1945,also known as the Mccarren-Ferguson Anti trust Exemption Act of 1945.

    Isn’t it hypocrtical to pass any health reform law as long as this law is on the books. This law as per prior Supreme Court decisions, takes precedence and will shoot down any reform that may reduce Health premium costs or increase competition among health insurance companies, to reduce costs to the American Public.

    Is it true that the Insurance Lobbyist paid over 400 Million Dollars to both parties to keep this Monopolies law intact?

    Do you think it is time to have the public insist that any incumbent should pass a law signed by the President before October 1, 2010 outlawing any campaign contributions to Representatives, Senators and Judges, if he or she wants their vote?

    • Maj. Savarirayan, let me first express my thanks to you for your service to our country.

      It seems, according to an article published by The Fiscal Times, Speaker Pelosi has already announced plans to repeal the McCarren-Ferguson Act of 1945 sometime this week.

      To answer your first question, regarding the hypocrisy of passing the Healthcare Act while this law is on the books, I did some quick research on McCarren-Ferguson and found according to West’s Encyclopedia of Law ©1998,

      The McCarran-Ferguson Act provides that state law shall govern the regulation of insurance and that no act of Congress shall invalidate any state law unless the federal law specifically relates to insurance. The act thus mandates that a federal law that does not specifically regulate the business of insurance will not preempt a state law enacted for that purpose.
      The McCarran-Ferguson Act does not prevent the federal government from regulating the insurance industry. It provides only that states have broad authority to regulate the insurance industry unless the federal government enacts legislation specifically intended to regulate insurance and to displace state law. The McCarran-Ferguson Act also provides that the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890, 15 U.S.C.A. § 1 et seq., the Clayton Anti-Trust Act of 1914, 15 U.S.C.A. § 12 et seq., and the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914, 15 U.S.C.A. §§ 41-51, apply to the business of insurance to the extent that such business is not regulated by state law.

      Apparently, the Insurance Lobbyist do oppose repealing the McCarren-Ferguson act, though it seems to me, they did little to communicate their opposition to the public, and it will be interesting to see if they try to challenge the issue in the Supreme Court.

      Finally, on the surface, I would agree with you regarding the elimination of monetary contributions to to any person, running for any office, as a means to purchase their votes. As to public insistance for such action, I am a staunch advocate of the belief that the People have a responsibility to, not only their country, but to themselves, to be cognizant of political issues, and involved in the shaping of their future.

      In as much, I believe that beyond the three branches of Government, the Legislative, Judicial, and the Executive, the seperate States and the People respectively, maintain all powers and authorities not granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution of the United States, (sadly, the actual contents of that document are not widely known and comprhended) thereby forming two additional, more powerful branches that, by rights, should affect the operations and activities of the governing of our nation. This however, includes personal responsibility, and an individual willingness to take a stand for what is right, not necessarily what is easy, popular, or widely accepted as politically correct.

      As a former member of our military, I believe you will agree with the fact that, “Freedom is not free”. Being a member of a free society demands a price from all, so if citizens refuse to become involved, they have only to receive that which others dole out to them – Control through corruption and Oppression.

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